Brief thoughts: "The whole world is made in China"

Tomorrow I’ll be back to school, so I must pack up. I looked into my schoolbag and saw a little tag:


The whole world is made in China, I thought.

Then I paused. I thought again. Why, that’s an awesome statement – “the whole world” is made in China!

Not that all culture stems from it – that would be ridiculous – but that our mass production lines are mostly based in China, dominating the world today. Look at your clothes, your bags, your shoes, your stationery, your smartphones, your computers, … and see if you can find one that’s not made in China. Then thumb through your newspapers and find out how many events, how many disputes, how many reports there are on China’s role in the world of business and industry, even politics.

But I shall stop digressing. “The whole world is made in China” – yes, it sounds pompous, but I wonder how many people underestimate this statement, just like I did before I paused, and thought again.


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