In short, I’m a mathematician-entrepreuner.

That’s what I told my mentor* KWC when I realized that I could combine the writer, artist and musician in me to fit in the mold of entrepreneurship, the buzzword nowadays.

That’s why learning to tell stories is a useful skill. Business makes Hong Kong go round, and storytelling is business. I like stories, because they help us visualize a future and a hope. I like stories, because they inspire. I like stories, because they bring colour to a dim world, and shatter unfounded preconceptions.

Moreover, resources on how to become successful writers, artists and musicians all inevitably point to business and marketing skills. It goes two ways. For musicians my very well-read 7th aunt recommended Beyond Talent by Angela Beeching. Her daughter – my cousin – is a violinist.

Maths is so hard, not to learn, but to catch up with.

The word “story” may conjure up memories of bedtime tales told by nightlight that start with “once upon a time.” However, no matter how a story is presented—book, movie,

* KWC is one of the academic advisors in CUHK mathematics, and another professor referred to him as my mentor.


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