Why I migrate

I actually am a bit terrified of people’s Adsense accounts and Blogger blogs being terminated just because they were a little slow – in detecting false clicks, for instance. Maybe some of their friends and family members clicked on the ads to support them but that started all the trouble.

We all fall prey to the myth of getting rich effortlessly, but with the service comes the duty to safeguard Google’s and their business partners’ interests. Wouldn’t one find it too much to ask a lone individual, whose priority is intensive study and could not afford the time to constantly check the stats, to protect an entire community depending on it? In fact, the community needs someone 24/7 to keep tabs on Internet activity. Making money while sleeping? The money’s lost and so is the medium.

As I’m not a fast person either, I removed all my ad code and came over. I have no more ads, but then I’m freer to write, put up videos – tricky issue! – and, just like any writer, express myself.

Other updates:

I have changed my Twitter username to @leeyieng to better reflect my identity. My old blog, as of today, is still here: iamthegirlclaudia.blogspot.com.

By the way, I have an idea for a new music album. Some of you have been sick of my talk over a musical, but since I can’t dedicate myself to the musical, let’s put the songs together first.