Paper plane origami: 無聊 Cassandra 摺緊紙飛機。

Mathematicians are explorers. We look for patterns to solve problems and create new ones that solve our children’s problems.

But hardly anyone is grateful. When we’ve distilled ancient (or simply well-explained) wisdom into our textbooks and talks, our children say,
“Math is so hard!” (US English)
Even boys say this.
“I hate maths!”
One psychology boy also said this until I told him how security systems use maths and so on. He just couldn’t contain his excitement. #edchat
But a remark I found on blew my mind: “I can’t math!!!”
Well, as another person put it, if you “can’t math”, you can’t English either.
They need to chip away the stone to get the sculpture beneath, and sadly we’ve deprived them of such a rigorous yet vigorous pursuit.