Where’s Podcast Publisher on Mac OS Yosemite?

I used to use Mac OS Lion, and I loved the Podcast Publisher app. In fact during my stay at the i-House in CUHK, I recorded a total of 18 episodes.

I updated my Mac on my birthday last year. But I didn’t back up my podcasts because I forgot that they were there. Now that I need to use the app again, I realised that no one on Google has ever considered the fate of this wonderful app, and now I have to face the brutal reality that my only surviving podcast is my only private film on YouTube 😦

I am so angry right now. It took me a long time to get those 18 records right – one of me dancing to Cantonese lyrics I wrote to one of my melodies, and some of me talking about funny topics. I also sang. It’s a pity I didn’t back up all of my goofs on Youtube, or else I could have re-downloaded them.

Since I have few friends, I’m very much attached to objects, so please forgive me for ranting. For you never know what you have lost until it’s too late.